Art Buying

We source art to fit your space, taste, and budget.  We come to you with a digital presentation of top recommendations and take you to see your favorite works.  Buying art is tricky, so we provide insight on pricing, aesthetics, artists, and other aspects with which you're unclear. We negotiate pricing for art you want to buy and handle all transport, framing, and install logistics. You come home, put your feet up, and enjoy the art that completes your space.


Sometimes the art currently on your wall is underwhelming.  We'll look at artwork locations, hanging heights, matting and framing and come up with a plan for improvement. With your approval, we execute this plan to make your art look its best.  For gallery walls of family photos, we create to-scale templates and manage the printing process to ensure photo color, paper, and editing are optimal for wall display. 



Your newly awesome walls may make the rest of your room feel scant.  We help by adding accents and making tweaks so that the entire space feels coherent and complete. This service is offered in conjunction with those listed above.

Michaud Arts helps Interior Designers efficiently source art and obtain practical, current information about art buying. With Perks, Designers can broaden their services to include art, thereby increasing their revenue and getting client spaces portfolio-ready. 

Perks for Interior Designers

Not only do we work indoors but additionally, we work with internationally renowned muralists to create beautiful works of art outdoors. Our muralists are highly sought after and have worked with companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more.