Ian Ross, Fresh Tracks

Ian Ross, Fresh Tracks

Can I afford real art?

Quality art doesn't have to cost a fortune.  Our clients buy in the $2,500 - $75,000 range.

Is Michaud Arts a gallery? 

No. We matchmake clients with art they love, sourcing from galleries and studios. We're like an interior designer, just for art.

I don't know anything about art.  

You're not alone. Many don't know where to start, what they like, and what to pay. That's why we're here. 

Art is personal. How do you know what I'll like?

We'll show you pieces you're surprised to love, visit galleries you've never known, and walk through quality, pricing, and installation basics to ensure you buy wisely. 

What's your process?

  • In-person consultation and identification of art walls

  • Research + sourcing appropriate art options

  • Meeting for digital presentation of Advisor recommendations

  • Viewings of favored artworks (or further presentations as needed)

  • Advisor/gallery price negotiations

  • Advisor oversight of transport, framing, and installation

  • Client enjoys finished space 

Do you work with residential, commercial and corporate clients? 


Can you help me prepare a gallery wall of photographs or already owned artworks?

Yes. We do everything from helping to select photographs/existing artworks, having photographs edited and printed on high-quality paper, to selecting appropriate frames, and overseeing the installation.


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